Krumbs are a group a group of close, but distant friends, relatives and acquaintances that keep in touch by sharing stories and opinions with one another on news, interests, adventures, sports, music, technology, movies, games, television, and more.

“Krumb” is a typo for the most uncommon and negative definition for the word crumb:

  1. a small particle of bread, cake, etc., that has broken off.
  2. a small particle or portion of anything; fragment; bit.
  3. vv

  4. the soft inner portion of a bread ( distinguished from crust ).
  5. crumbs, a cake topping made of sugar, flour, butter, and spice, usually crumbled on top of the rawbatter and baked with the cake.
  6. Slang. a contemptibly objectionable or worthless person.

Our meaning of a krumb evolved to be both a slight and a compliment.

  • A person who is clever and exerts little or no energy doing something better than others who are doing more work and getting less done.
  • Someone who desires sleep and relaxation.

As we met new friends, we quickly found some like-minded, good people and became a team.  We needed a name.  No, we didn’t.  We already knew what it was, Krumbs.

The rest is history…and in the making. Countless championships, fortunes, fame, rehab, more fortune, relapse, hiking, and building a compound await.